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Health Benefits of Matcha

Walking through any town in The Hamptons, you are likely to see plenty of people holding a bright green iced drink. Wondering what it is? It’s called matcha, a Japanese […]

Best Ingredients to Cook Healthy Meals in The Hamptons This Summer

One of the many amazing things about The Hamptons is the fresh food. With farm stands galore, the flavorful ingredients are endless. We searched East Hampton for the best summer […]

Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation

  Include exercise as a vacation activity A hike, bike ride or beach walk is the perfect addition to any day on vacation. Whether you’re with family or friends, opt […]

3 Leg Workouts You Can Do With Just a Loop Band

Is your lack of access to exercise equipment making you less motivated to sweat? Whether you’re traveling, or simply not ready to go back to the gym, loop bands are […]

Biggest Workout Trends of Summer 2021

After a year of at home workouts, getting out of the house feels better than ever. With endless options of ways to sweat, we’re here to help guide you on […]

Just Finished Barre Class? Fun and Healthy Ways To Spend Your Day in The Hamptons

Just finished your Elements Barre class in East Hampton? No worries, there are still plenty of fun, healthy ways to spend the remainder of your day in the Hamptons other […]

Quick and Easy Post Workout Snacks

Do you ever find yourself racing to get to work, drive the kids to camp, or get your beach day started after a tough workout? We often prioritize fueling before […]


3 Simple Barre Moves You Can Do While Chilling on the Couch

We’ve all been there: five hours deep into a new series, glued to the couch…


How to Beat the Heat with Outdoor Workouts this Summer

Outdoor workouts are trending right now, and for good reason.


The Growing Importance of Workplace Wellness In Small Business

If you’re busy thinking of new ways to both attract top talent…

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