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Elements Staff Published On: Dec 07, 2020
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The Growing Importance of Workplace Wellness In Small Business

If you’re busy thinking of new ways to both attract top talent and keep your current employees happy and engaged, you’re not alone! According to the SunTrust Banks annual Business Pulse Survey, about half of small and mid-sized businesses felt that attracting and retaining employees would be their most significant challenge.

Although recruiting and retaining employees is a challenge that all businesses face, it may be even more difficult for SMBs due to smaller budgets and fewer resources. If you’re looking for a quick solution or a good place to start, consider implementing a wellness program for your employees.

Wellness is a proven, effective tool for recruiting new talent. Plus an engaged, healthy, and happy workforce is likely to stick around longer. Improved recruiting and retention, as well as reduced health care costs and absenteeism, can impact small businesses in big ways.

When it comes to company culture, making the effort to improve the health and well-being of your employees won’t go unnoticed. Don’t let the size of your company or allotment of resources be a reason to fall behind the employee wellness trend. For more information about Elements’ Corporate Wellness Program, email us at [email protected]