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Elements Staff Published On: Dec 07, 2020
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3 Simple Barre Moves You Can Do While Chilling on the Couch

We’ve all been there: five hours deep into a new series, glued to the couch (except to get up for snacks, of course) and feeling absolutely no motivation to get up and get moving. Luckily, we’ve got 5 exercises you can do without leaving your comfy spot. So turn on Netflix, grab your popcorn, and get ready to feel the burn!


Lying on one side, point your knees down toward the floor and toes to the sky. Glue your heels together and open and close your legs, squeezing your glutes each time you open. Think about stacking your hips and engaging your core to stabilize your center as your legs move. This exercise sculpts the glutes.

Repeat 15 times (3-4 sets)

Back Dancing Walkouts

Lying on your back, plant your heels into the ground and draw your hips a few inches into the air. Walk your legs out away from the body four times, while keeping your booty up, then walk back in. The further out you walk your feet, the more you’ll feel your muscles contracting. This exercise strengthens your glutes and hamstrings.

Repeat 5 times (2-3 sets)

Scissor Kicks

Lying on your back, straighten one leg up toward the ceiling and hover the other just an inch off the couch. Hold for two counts before alternating legs. Think about drawing the navel to spine and knitting the ribs together, activating the entire core.

Repeat 10 times each side (2-3 sets)